What makes endpoint modeling different?

As IT and security professionals seek new alternatives to detect and prevent an increasing number of cyber attacks, they must first consider four significant technology trends and understand their growing impact on network security.

  • The inability for threat signatures to detect all risks
  • The increasing use of end-to-end encryption in networks
  • The proliferation of connected devices
  • Information overload

Endpoint modeling can be the answer to overcome these challenges. Endpoint modeling is a security technology that automatically discovers each device on a network, creates a model of that device’s “normal” behavior, and continuously monitors this behavior over time to look for any deviations.

When an exception does occur, the endpoint modeling solutions generates a real-time, actionable alert. Security analysts can quickly drill down to see exactly what is happening and take the most appropriate action to resolve the issue.

Endpoint modeling can help any organization in any industry understand normal behavior for every device on any network.

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