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Real-time detection.
Real peace of mind.

Observable Networks delivers real-time detection of zero-day attacks and other threats with our dynamic model of endpoint behaviors and threat intelligence.

Better visibility and security analytics means behavior anomalies and vulnerabilities are identified faster, more reliably, and with less resources.


Adversaries attempt to get into your network every day. Whether they exploit bugs, trick employees, or take advantage of other vulnerabilities, attackers will stop at nothing to gain illicit access. 

Worse, you may be at more of a disadvantage than you may know. Antivirus, malware-removal software, and other tools in a traditional security stack all have flaws that simply can’t prevent these attacks. 

To protect yourself, you must detect threats in your network now – before the damage is done. Endpoint modeling provides a more-effective way to identify suspicious behavior that could be the first sign of a potential breach. More, security teams are alerted in real time, so they can investigate and remediate possible threats much faster than using other security tools.

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A different – and better – security approach

Endpoint modeling is a completely different threat-detection service. By modeling any and all endpoint devices, on any type of network, security analysts gain instant visibility into all security aspects of that endpoint. 

Observable Networks’ endpoint modeling service and solutions delivers the following security advantages:
  • A continuous, unobstructed understanding of every endpoint’s behavior at all times, critical in case one is compromised.
  • Insightful alerts to quickly identify potential threats or indicators of compromise. 
  • A service that overcomes dependencies on log-file monitoring, deep packet inspection (DPI), signature-based tools, and other limited security approaches.
  • A low-cost, efficient, and intelligent security service.

"We are always on the lookout for new security tools to give us a better way to see what is happening on our entire network. As soon as we saw Private Network Monitoring, we were convinced that it would be a perfect complement to our current portfolio of security solutions.”

Randy Raw, Director of Information Security, Veterans United Home Loans