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"The service was really easy to setup and, when I did need help, I was shocked to get a response in minutes on a Saturday night. Their support has been pretty amazing!"

Taylor Higley, Director
American Federation of Government Employees

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Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is delivered as a managed service to help you quickly and cost-effectively attain the stronger security posture their business and customers depend on.

  • Deploy advanced security capabilities faster
  • Reduce the threat window
  • Facilitate faster remediation
  • Avoid the risk and cost associated with breaches

Your success is our success

We want you to focus on what matters most to you. With Observable, you can acutely understand normal endpoint behaviors to rapidly identify potentially compromised endpoints in your network. This helps you prioritize your security actions and reduce the number alerts – critical to enabling a faster, more efficient incident-response capability.

Our commitment to service and support is what makes us stand apart. Our service team and product experts work with you at every step of your engagement, starting with your free trial. We offer free customer support to assist in the installation of your virtual sensor appliance, the collection of metadata, the fine-tuning of endpoint models, and the process of creating alert workflows and notifications.

All of this gets you up and running efficiently, helps ensure your team won't be swamped with false positive alerts, and gives you more time to resolve any potential issues.

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If you have any questions, please contact Observable Network's support team at or (314) 899-9284.