Get Even More from Your Splunk® Investment with Endpoint Modeling

Many companies report that where applications to security challenges are concerned, they have a hard time achieving all the security benefits they expected when implementing Splunk.

The Perfect Splunk Complement:

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling alerts deliver real-time “look here” indicators that help Splunk users quickly zero in on any suspicious activity.

Using Dynamic Endpoint Modeling with Splunk delivers a number of significant benefits including: 

  • Eliminating complexity associated with Splunk in writing high-fidelity queries meant to find threats
  • Gain real-time visibility into potential threats for faster, more efficient threat remediation by using network data as a key behavior indicator 
  • Eliminate the need for agents or other log distribution infrastructure

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“The time has come for a new approach to network security, one that complements Splunk and overcomes flaws inherent in SIEMs. Endpoint Modeling is exactly that approach.

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