Reducing False-Positive Alerts for On-Premises and Cloud Environments

Responding to security alerts is an overwhelming job. 

There's too much information to process efficiently. And with all the man-hours it takes for analysts to respond effectively--it can also be too costly.

Behavior Modeling is a new approach.

Learn how Entity Modeling makes it possible to minimize false positives and increase the accuracy of security alerts at a lower cost with fewer personnel. 

Entity modeling uses machine-generated data and other information to produce insightful alerts and incidents that are far more appropriate —and effective—for SecOps to use to identify what to investigate further.

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  • 5 integrated analytical components of Behavioral Modeling & how they work together
  • The benefits of the Behavioral Modeling approach vs. traditional security practices
  • Why users found alerts were found to be more helpful and faster than other security tools

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