ICS Monitoring

Stealthwatch Cloud ICS Monitoring

Comprehensive security for industrial control systems

Industrial control systems (ICS) enable operators to monitor and control industrial processes related to power, transportation, water, oil & gas, and more. A growing number of targeted attacks on ICS – such as Stuxnet – represent a significant threat to critical infrastructure, and could affect millions of people if successful.

Yet as IT systems and OT environments increase their numbers of connections, ICS solutions are much more vulnerable to attacks and intrusions. Now there’s a better way to protect facilities, plants, and critical infrastructure: Stealthwatch Cloud ICS Monitoring.

ICS Monitoring gives analysts and operators an ideal way to monitor ICS platforms as well as any device connected to them. In doing so, Stealthwatch ICS Monitoring successfully overcomes the challenges typically associated with legacy industrial control systems.


  • Security gaps resulting from the fact security was not built into legacy systems when they were first developed.
  • ICS products currently using commercial off-the-shelf technology and security products that introduce new vulnerabilities and risks.
  • A history of separate IT and ICS systems
  • Lack of experienced security personnel working on ICS technology.

Stealthwatch Cloud ICS Monitoring delivers:

  • Full management of the Suricata IDS, including automatic definition updates
  • Packet capture files for Suricata-identified events

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