Private Network Monitoring

Stealthwatch Cloud Private Network Monitoring

Complete security for legacy, on-premise, or hybrid networks

By providing precise, actionable threat-activity information as it happens, Stealthwatch Cloud Private Network Monitoring delivers a more effective approach to improve network security.

With Private Network Monitoring, you can understand the normal behavior for every device on your network. If they exhibit new, unexpected behavior, security professionals receive real-time alerts, allowing them to quickly investigate and remediate potential threats effectively.


  • Private Network Monitoring provides a higher degree of visibility into what’s happening on any network, in real time.
  • It is not dependent on threat signatures, so it can identify previously unknown threats.
  • It does not rely on DPI and successfully overcomes security challenges related to end-to-end encryption.
  • It minimizes false positive alerts by generating only the amount of alerts required to accurately report on a network’s activity.
  • Private Network Monitoring is platform-agnostic and works for legacy, on-premise networks, public cloud environments, or hybrid infrastructures.

Private Network Monitoring receives the following data:

  • Network data from a tap or mirror port
  • Network data from NetFlow, IPFIX, or sFlow
  • Microsoft Active Directory authentication logs from log forwarder
  • Private Network Monitoring then delivers alert data to a Syslog receiver.

"Observable Networks endpoint modeling is an important addition to our security practice, Their service-based security capability provides easy-to-consume insight related to our network endpoints at a very attractive rate."

— Ken Hipple, Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce

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