Public Cloud Monitoring

Stealthwatch Cloud Public Cloud Monitoring

Simplify security efforts and gain complete
visibility in public cloud environments

The worldwide migration of IT resources to the public cloud continues to gather momentum, but the effort to secure all the related services, applications, and data lags far behind.

Now Stealthwatch Cloud Public Cloud Monitoring gives you the best way to ensure security in VPCs and public cloud environments. This security service uses flow logs and other cloud data as inputs to help you completely monitor and secure your cloud network or data center.

Public Cloud Monitoring is platform-agnostic and can work for any cloud environment, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as hybrid infrastructures that combine legacy on-premise and cloud deployments.

"I was looking for a better way to monitor network security. Observable Cloud gives us much better visibility into all of the devices in our VPC and their network activities. If one ever behaves in an suspicious or abnormal fashion, we can take fast action to resolve possible issues."

— Taylor Higley, Director, American Federation of Government Employees

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Observable offers integrations to leading SIEMs, data analytics platforms, and other security solutions: