Retail and hospitality

Protect your customers –
and your bottom line

Unfortunately, retail is one of the top industries targeted by cyber-attackers today. According to research from the Ponemon Institute, retail organizations face an average of eight serious attacks each year. This includes advanced threats, those designed to evade firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and malware programs as well attempted data breaches and DDoS attacks.

Retail and hospitality organizations have a lot to lose – literally – if they don’t get it right. Security failures can lead to massive data breaches, fines, and a tarnished reputation that they may never get back. All of this means these companies must do all they can to protect customers’ credit card and transaction data while complying with PCI DSS and other industry regulations.

Observable solutions for retail & hospitality can help:
  • Use advanced threat detection to identify possible attacks
  • Defend against widespread data breaches, lost credit card information, and compromised personal data
  • Eliminate costly downtime and business disruptions
  • Improve compliance with PCI DSS and other industry regulations

Better security for retail & hospitality  – or any organization in any industry – is just a click away.

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