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As an essential partner to their clients, managed services providers (MSPs) must provide comprehensive services, including network monitoring and security.

Many clients simply do not have the skills, or can’t afford enterprise-level security systems. Unfortunately, traditional network monitoring and security tools – firewalls, antivirus, malware-removal software, and IDS – simply aren’t enough to secure enterprises against today’s threats, even when provided as a service by an MSP.

As a result, MSPs face the challenge of selecting solutions that combine effectiveness, efficiency, price, and the opportunity to create new revenue streams. Additionally, because MSPs must manage many different types of platforms and devices, they need a network security solution that is compatible and can be easily integrated with existing services and service-delivery systems.

Observable solutions for MSPs can help you:

  • Integrate a new security tool with clients’ existing services and service-delivery systems
  • Add a new security layer that improves visibility into client networks and devices
  • Increase revenue with more insightful, live-stream managed security services
  • Take advantage of real-time alerts to identify potential threats
  • Overcome challenges posed by BYOD, IoT, increased data encryption, and other trends

To learn more, download our case study to see how a leading MSP, Ichthys IT Services, significantly improved security for their clients with Observable’s endpoint modeling service.

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