Manufacturing & consumer-packaged goods (CPG)

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Manufacturers need to do all they can to protect against data loss, security breaches, and regulatory violations. Yet when it comes to deploying network security or endpoint modeling technology, manufacturers may trail behind other industries such as retail or financial services.

The answer? Observable Networks’ endpoint modeling security service, which helps manufacturers protect their most sensitive information, especially client, employee, and financial data; intellectual property; especially client, employee, and financial data, intellectual property, and trade secrets related to products and services.

Observable solutions for manufacturing and CPG can help:
  • Protect against data loss and security breaches
  • Deliver targeted, relevant, and actionable alerts to see potential issues in time to take action
  • Minimize threats and the risk of losing confidential information due to endpoint devices
  • Improve compliance efforts with industry regulations

Better security for manufacturing & CPG – or any organization in any industry – is just a click away.

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