Healthcare & biotech

When it comes to healthcare data
Failure is not an option

Healthcare and biotech organizations must improve network security and do all they can to safeguard patient records, intellectual property, and other sensitive data. If they don't, they could jeopardize their financial stability, security, compliance, and overall reputation.

Healthcare continues to be one of the most popular industries for attack as lost medical records could lead to significant claims against the organization. Biotech firms must do all they can to protect their data, especially as it relates to product development and intellectual property.

"Big kudos to Observable during our security audit. We were able to report all of the vendor activity to them in a timely fashion. They were very surprised by our insight.” - IT Security Leader at a Regional Hospital

Observable solutions for healthcare and biotech can help:
  • Protect sensitive data such as patient data and electronic medical records
  • Defend against cyber-attacks and protect intellectual property
  • Improve compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and FISMA
  • Reduce IT operational expenses

To learn more, download an Observable Networks case study that shows how one regional hospital system was able to increase insight into its network to significantly improve security and compliance.

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