Financial services

Just because you’re in compliance
doesn’t mean you’re secure

Today, the financial markets are a favorite target for cyber attackers as they attempt to access credit card information, competitive information, or other records. From banks to credit card companies, stock brokerages to insurance companies, financial services organizations must defend their perimeter and improve network security.

Unfortunately, conventional IT security methods fall short, especially as both the frequency and severity of incidents increase. Observable's endpoint modeling service can help financial services companies detect suspicious traffic with specific, actionable alerts. More, these alerts are delivered in real time, so you can action now – before it’s too late.

Observable solutions for financial services can help:
  • Protect prominent securities and other financial exchanges against opportunistic and targeted attacks
  • Improve threat intelligence and keep up with the ever-changing financial services threat landscape
  • Ease concerns about potential security breaches
  • Improve compliance with SEC and other regulatory requirements

To learn more, download an Observable Networks financial services case study or our Veterans United Home Loans case study to protect clients’ most sensitive data and improve overall security.

Better security for financial services – or any organization in any industry – is just a click away.

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