Energy, oil & gas, and utilities

Protect critical infrastructure

Today, the energy, oil & gas, and utilities industries are squarely in the crosshairs of hacktivists and cyber-criminals who attempt to access and destroy valuable data and the operation of critical infrastructure. Such an attack could potentially disrupt the global energy markets by affecting production, competition, and even the prices at the pump.

It's a significant challenge. In fact, a recent study predicted that cyber attacks against oil and gas companies will cost $1.87 billion by 2018.* As a result, energy, oil & gas, and utilities leaders must do all they can to maximize the cyber security of their systems – as well as those of third-party vendors – to protect their most critical business assets.

Observable solutions for energy, oil, and gas can help:
  • Counter cyber attacks and maximize your security efforts
  • Protect network infrastructures and technology supply chain systems
  • Safeguard proprietary big data collected from specialized devices such as satellites, extraction equipment, buoys, and more
  • Minimize the threat of financial damages, environmental disasters, or even life-threatening situations

Better security for energy, oil & gas, and utilities – or any organization in any industry – is just a click away.

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*ABI Research, "Cyber Security" research report, January 2013.