Observable Networks Launches Network Monitoring Utilizing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow Logs

St. Louis, MO – October 5, 2015 Observable Networks Inc., an emerging leader of network security technology and advanced threat detection services, today launched a new feature of its patented Dynamic Endpoint Modeling security service. With this new capability, Observable’s Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution now can effectively monitor network activity across virtual servers on Amazon Web Services.

AWS’s recently introduced Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Log capability powers Observable’s Dynamic Endpoint Modeling on the AWS cloud. Amazon VPC Flow Logs enable logging of all the IP traffic in a virtual private cloud network, and thus serve as a valuable primary or supplementary input to endpoint modeling. By simply and automatically retrieving VPC flow logs within AWS cloud environments, Observable’s customers can now monitor their AWS footprint along with their other on-premises assets within a single, highly accurate service.

Incorporating Amazon VPC Flow Logs for security monitoring in a virtual private cloud environment is a valuable addition to a customer’s approach to threat detection. Benefits include:

  • No need to deploy monitoring agents to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances in the VPC environment
  • Traffic records do not need to be routed out of the VPC through an intermediate host or through the VPC’s public Internet connection
  • AWS customers get highly accurate Observable behavior models with a simple configuration setting in their Observable portal
  • Customers can secure and monitor a diverse application infrastructure, spanning enterprise, hybrid IT architectures, and public cloud environments with a single security solution

“We are excited to incorporate Amazon VPC Flow Logs into our security service offerings. Importantly, Amazon VPC Flow Logs enable customers to monitor their AWS footprint without impacting their existing AWS server builds by requiring agents on each server,” said Patrick Crowley, Founder and CTO of Observable Networks. “We believe that Amazon VPC Flow Logs enable Dynamic Endpoint Modeling to help customers gain additional security and visibility into both their AWS-based virtual resources and the AWS components they rely on but do not directly control. Customers can start a 60-day free trial and fully deploy our service in a matter of minutes, but AWS’s fees are not included in the free trial.”

About Observable Networks

Observable Networks, Inc. is an emerging leader of network security technology and advanced threat detection services that identify compromised and misused networked devices currently escaping detection by network security tools. Observable’s endpoint modeling technology includes a cloud-based service platform incorporating automated security analytics and real-time traffic sensors to continuously model all devices on networks of any size, all the time. Endpoint modeling is indifferent to encryption and does not use threat signatures. Observable empowers organizations to readily understand normal and abnormal device behaviors in their networks, helping them to identify compromised devices and facilitate faster remediation. Observable Networks is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. For more information, please visit