Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling Solution Now Available on AWS Marketplace

St. Louis, MO – November 17, 2015 Observable Networks Inc., an emerging leader of advanced threat detection services, today announced the availability of its Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The AWS Marketplace is a channel that enables AWS partners to offer technology solutions that run on the AWS cloud. It also helps prospective customers find, evaluate and purchase the software and services they need to build products and run their businesses.

Observable’s patented endpoint modeling allows organizations in any industry to establish a concrete representation of normal device behavior for every device in the network. With Dynamic Endpoint Modeling, threats can be accurately identified as devices deviate from legitimate behavior. The service provides continuous, unobstructed understanding of every endpoint’s behavior, regardless of its function. It also helps users rapidly identify potential indicators of compromise without depending on log-file monitoring, deep packet inspection or other signature-based methods. As a result, Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is a low-cost, smart and efficient way to identify potential security problems quickly, enabling much faster threat remediation.

“We are excited to offer our Dynamic Endpoint Modeling services in the AWS Marketplace,” said Patrick Crowley, chief technology officer of Observable Networks. “In addition to the virtues of our endpoint modeling capabilities, our deployment in the AWS Marketplace makes it easier for Amazon users to learn more about our solution and even evaluate it with our free trial. Dynamic Endpoint Modeling uses Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Flow Logs and can acquire the primary input to endpoint modeling without requiring a configuration change to existing servers or the reference AMI.”

“We have seen a tremendous demand for our security service across the entire business landscape, including large-scale legal, healthcare, manufacturing companies and by organizations who manage critical infrastructure,” said Bryan Doerr, chief executive officer of Observable Networks. "As we continue to evolve our services, we are confident that the AWS Marketplace will provide a valuable forum for future customers to learn more about how we can help them identify and respond to security threats in their environments.”

About Observable Networks

Observable Networks, Inc. is an emerging leader of network security technology and advanced threat detection services that identify compromised and misused networked devices currently escaping detection by network security tools. Observable’s endpoint modeling technology includes a cloud-based service platform incorporating automated security analytics and real-time traffic sensors to continuously model all devices on networks of any size, all the time. Endpoint modeling is indifferent to encryption and does not use threat signatures. Observable empowers organizations to readily understand normal and abnormal device behaviors in their networks, helping them to identify compromised devices and facilitate faster remediation. Observable Networks is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. For more information, please visit