What Is Endpoint Modeling, and Why Does it Matter to You?

Today, endpoint modeling represents a profoundly new way of increasing network security. But if you're still not sure what endpoint modeling is, we thought we'd give a brief overview of the technology – and the benefits it can provide.

Endpoint modeling monitors each device in your environment and tracks its behavior. For example, it models how each device uses the network, how it connects, if it changes pattern of behavior, and more.

By improving your visibility into all of your devices, endpoint modeling is able to provide a number of powerful benefits, which simply aren't available using conventional security methods. First, endpoint modeling technology provides alerts when a device starts acting abnormally to detect risky and suspicious traffic. Second, endpoint modeling represents a durable information security advantage because no internal or external adversary has the unobstructed 24x7 view of your network and its devices. When you gain this visibility, this is exactly the edge endpoint modeling establishes and maintains for you.

To look at it another way, the unique mix of devices and networks you maintain now becomes an advantage for you. All those quirks in your network and your infrastructure that make it difficult to deploy off-the-shelf tools or integrate networks following a merger or an acquisition are examples of how unique your environment is. Endpoint model comes to learn what is typical in your environment and the more unique and distinctive your environment, the better.

So, endpoint modeling is profoundly new and effective because it detects problems and risks in your network that cannot be seen any other way, and it does so by leveraging a sustainable durable advantage. Unlike so many other security mechanisms, endpoint modeling gets better and appreciates in value over time.

The Observable Advantage

Observable delivers these capabilities with our Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution. This powerful technology helps you document and understand the normal behavior of all of your network devices and endpoints, so when they act normally, you can quickly identify and take action on early stage indicators of compromise.

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling gives you a new – and significant – advantage by giving you a continuous, unobstructed view of all of the devices on your network.

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