The Evolution of Cybersecurity in the Cloud [Infographic]

Cloud computing - as an enterprise-grade technology - has come a long way since Amazon Web Services launched in 2006. Similarly, cloud cybersecurity has evolved to a state of maturity. However, many businesses haven’t realized this fact yet, as they still take a legacy approach to cloud security. That must change if those organizations hope to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing

Historically, businesses could rely on perimeter-based security frameworks. This was fine given that IT assets typically lived in closed environments and it was easy to take an out-of-the-box approach to cybersecurity. That said, protecting corporate infrastructure in this way was resource intensive, as the design and maintenance of these IT security frameworks required time and personnel. 

Cybersecurity had to evolve - become more flexible and scalable - since that’s what is required to protect cloud assets. Today, businesses are redefining cloud security best practices. They are automating the deployment and scaling of their infrastructure, and as a result, relying on cloud log tools such as CloudTrail and VPC Flow Logs to gain visibility into those cloud operations. However, that doesn’t necessarily protect those businesses’ cloud infrastructure from security threats - it’s too passive. 

The missing piece of the cloud cyber security puzzle lies in automated threat detection. That puzzle piece is Observable Cloud. With an automated approach to cloud security with Observable Cloud, businesses are able to establish a behavior-based baseline of normal asset activity for all AWS instances. This ensures the automatic detection of threats when activities deviate from the norm. 

To learn more about the evolution of cybersecurity, check out our infographic!

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