See Us at IANS Boston Information Security Conference

Attend Patrick Crowley's Discussions About Dynamic Endpoint Modeling

Observable Networks will be in Boston next week at the IANS Boston Information Security Forum

The conference takes place on November 2nd and 3rd at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. IANS’ faculty will lead technical and strategic roundtable discussions about the most important security topics and trends facing the industry today.

Observable Networks founder & CTO, Patrick Crowley, will lead four Technology Spotlight sessions during this two-day Forum. He’ll discuss Dynamic Endpoint Modeling, our answer to the challenges end-to-end encryption and the proliferation of connected devices pose to physical and virtual network security today. The latter being especially relevant given the massive IoT botnets that ignited high-profile security events earlier this month.

Such events highlight the flaws in enterprise security postures that rely heavily on last-gen tools to protect against today’s threats. Our SaaS solution doesn’t require the installation of software agents on network endpoints. That not only puts IoT devices squarely in our security footprint, but also makes deployment relatively simple and disruptively affordable.

To learn more about our Endpoint Modeling stop by the discussions that Patrick Crowley will be leading on Wednesday at 11:00am or 11:45am and on Thursday at 12:55pm or 1:40pm. If you’re not able to attend these sessions, contact us to schedule a personal demonstration during the conference.

For more information, or if you are not able to make it, learn more about us at

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