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Years before Amazon Web Services became the public cloud leader, IT experts debated the viability of having a third party provide security. Would companies and their IT resources be able to effectively protect what they don’t own?

Today, that question has been answered, but the challenges of joint security responsibility remain. After all, the security process implications of having a third party support some network security functions while deferring the remaining security activities, and usually overall accountability, to the customer, is a challenging arrangement.

Observable recently published an ebook that profiles the most effective combination of processes and tools to complete the AWS security puzzle. You can download the ebook now or read on for some highlights detailing how a cloud security architecture with endpoint modeling and our Observable Cloud solution addresses the specific security gaps that must be filled.

Automating cloud security processes

Detecting the vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks present at any point in time isn’t a matter for manual process and human scale assessment. It requires automated, machine scalable assessment. There are many security solutions that help with the cloud configuration assessment challenge, but there are fewer tools that can help with the activity assessment and detection. That’s the missing piece of the cloud security puzzle.

One approach that can help with behavior assessment is called endpoint modeling, and it’s the only solution that can actually do this with proven results. The ebook explains how Observable Cloud, endpoint modeling technology delivers continuous detection capabilities on the AWS platform and effectively fills critical cloud security gaps.

Download our new ebook to see how Observable Cloud and endpoint modeling technology delivers continuous detection capabilities on the AWS platform and effectively fills critical cloud security gaps.

Bolstering AWS Config

AWS Config can continuously audit the internal configurations of AWS resources and automatically notify authenticated admins when something is amiss. However, vulnerabilities can remain. For example, a cybercriminal could acquire credentials and infiltrate during regular hours, exfiltrates sensitive data, and immediately ceases all endpoint activity.

The ebook explains how Observable Cloud’s analyzes network metadata and can tell you definitively that a new endpoint is in use via a remote network. It recognizes that someone is exploiting a gap in your configurations, and you’ll know about it.

Enhancing Amazon Inspector

A commonly used tool Amazon Inspector examines AWS servers, assessing the integrity of applications and preventing software with known vulnerabilities from putting your data at risk. While Inspector can learn from its mistakes, it can’t predict or detect an entirely new, ungoverned attack vector, such as, zero-day threats.

Observable Cloud is critical to validating the legitimacy of interactions, even those that are zero-day threats or something even more outlandish, and this ebook explains why Observable Cloud is an ideal sidekick to Amazon Inspector.

Helping AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a structured log that records all requests to access or modify an AWS resource, making it an invaluable IT security analysis tool. But CloudTrail won’t underscore the urgency of certain potentially threatening calls, which can be a liability when time is critical.

Using examples, the ebook explains how Observable Cloud complements AWS CloudTrail with a critical layer of vigilance to “sound the alarm” when threats are most high.

Download the ebook today and learn why the Observable Cloud is the missing piece in the AWS security puzzle, including complements to Amazon CloudWatch and VPC flow logs. And when you do, you’ll see how Observable Cloud is a critical behavior-based threat detection capability based on AWS event information and using advanced modeling techniques.

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