Our Open Source VPC Flow Logs Tool Version 1.0

Since the 0.1 release we've added a number of features, and are blessing the latest version as 1.0.

Amazon introduced VPC Flow Logs last June, which have become an important source of network data for Observable. In August we released the first version of our command line tool and Python library for working with VPC Flow Logs, flowlogs-reader. Since the 0.1 release we've added a number of features, and are blessing the latest version as 1.0.

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AFGE Gains Complete Visibility into Public Cloud Traffic with Observable Networks

See Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution helped AFGE monitor network traffic in the cloud and improve overall security.

A new case study shows how the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) took advantage of Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution to extend traditional network security into the public cloud networks. Learn more or download the full case study.

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Strengthening the Defense Against Ransomware Attacks

Our second article in our two-part series on this growing threat.

Ransomware attacks pose unique challenges to businesses and security vendors. A collaboration between Observable and its customers has resulted in new tools to ward off the hostage-takers.

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Ransomware Attacks on the Rise Targeting Hospitals and Federal Agencies

Don’t let your data be held ransom

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, targeting corporate networks, hospitals and now federal agencies. Find out how serious the threat is, and what you can do to protect your organization.

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Introducing kinesis-logs-reader

Learn more about kinesis-logs-reader, which was introduced last week at Seattle AWS User Group.

This blog post introduces kinesis-logs-reader, an open-source Python library and command line tool for working with large volumes of Amazon VPC Flow Logs (and other Cloud Watch Logs data) using Kinesis. We gave a live demo of the new tool to the group of Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers at the SURF Incubator last week.

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Ovum Report: How Endpoint Modeling Enhances Traditional Threat Detection

A closer look at why Ovum Consulting recommends putting endpoint modeling on your radar.

200 days is a long time for threats to remain undetected within your network. Find out why Ovum recommends endpoint modeling as a cost-effective enhancement to your current threat detection strategy, as a means to decrease the time it takes to detect threats.

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Who’s Minding the Data Store?

The massive Panama Papers data breach holds valuable lessons for anyone responsible for securing IT systems and data.

The sheer scope of “the biggest data leak in history” has prompted many to wonder, how could the diversion of 2.6 terabytes of data go unnoticed? But while the postmortems may be fascinating, the most useful takeaway from this episode may be the crucial importance of maintaining real-time visibility into your network and where your data is going.

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Amazon Inspector + Dynamic Endpoint Modeling = the Perfect Combination

What is Amazon Inspector? What does it do? Most importantly, what does our new integration mean for Observable clients?

Amazon recently announced the release of Amazon Inspector, an automated security assessment service that helps improve the security of applications deployed on AWS. It’s an exciting release, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve integrated Observable’s Endpoint Modeling with this new service. This blog article provides more information on Amazon Inspector and describes why this new AWS capability, and Observables integration with it, is so valuable to Observable clients.

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Back to the Basics: Make Sure You Have Visibility into Your Network

Investing in security technology is a top initiative for 2016. Where should security professionals start?

While the bad guys are always a step ahead, the odds are even more in their favor. Gartner research shows that the number of potential entry points hackers can use to use to access vulnerable networks is rising exponentially. So too are the risks. This article highlights many senior security professionals’ top concerns and their suggestions for focusing on the basics.

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5 Reasons Why Securing Your Web Applications Should Be a Top Priority

Is your company ignoring these threats?

Company websites and web applications represent one of the most significant vulnerabilities to attack. Yet they are one of the most common areas companies overlook. Learn the five reasons why web applications are overlooked as risks.

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