St. Louis Cardinals “Hackgate” is a Security “Swing-and-Miss”

Recently, we’ve been thinking about the possible St. Louis-Houston Astros network hack, and how Dynamic Endpoint Modeling could have helped.

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Cyber Terrorism: How Safe Are Our Nation’s Ports?

Nearly all of our nation’s goods and services travel by sea. So why aren’t maritime companies more concerned about the threat of cyber attacks? As incidents increase, so does the attention to this critical concern. Endpoint modeling may offer some relief in the near term.

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The Webinar Every Network Security Professional Should See

If you’d like to learn more about endpoint modeling – including how it works and the benefits it delivers – don’t miss our upcoming webinar, “Endpoint Modeling: The Future of Security Starts Now.” Learn more about this webinar now.

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What You Need to Know About Employees and Free Cloud Storage

From cloud storage to personal thumb drives, employees have a wide variety of options available to them for document storage and sharing. Unfortunately, not all of them provide the level of security your company needs. The question remains: How do you protect your company’s interests?

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Attackers Take Penn State Cyber Security to School

Penn State University officials have confirmed that the institution fell victim to cyber attacks in 2012 and 2014. While social security information is believed to have been safe from compromise, some 18,000 students, faculty, and staff were affected. Universities and healthcare institutions are increasingly vulnerable targets and must take steps to defend against adversaries now.

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Lenovo Security Flaws Remain a Serious Concern

Lenovo recently announced a patch for three security flaws affecting all of their machines, flaws that made them vulnerable to hackers. This is the second vulnerability Lenovo has announced in the last three months, and some question whether or not Lenovo is taking these flaws seriously enough. Endpoint modeling means not having to leave security in the hands of manufacturers.

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Endpoint Modeling and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework does not refer to the word “signature,” demonstrating that it forgoes the entire signature-detection mandate. It also makes a case for gaining a better understanding of network activity and data flows. This is exactly the advantage that endpoint modeling provides.

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Improve Healthcare Data Security

Healthcare Provider Improves Patient Data Security with Observable Networks

Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution helps healthcare organizations increase healthcare data security.

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Endpoint Modeling May Have Prevented The White House Email Hack

A Closer Look at the White House Email Hack

Last week the White House announced that its email system had been hacked. This made us wonder: Could this attack have been prevented? What can you do to improve your overall security?

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Identify and Prevent Advanced Security Threats

Download a new Observable whitepaper to see how you can defeat advanced threats

A new whitepaper will show you how endpoint modeling can help your organization identify advanced threats and gain a permanent advantage over your adversaries.

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