Cisco Today Announces Intention to Acquire Observable Networks

Today, Cisco announced their intention to acquire Observable Networks.  We view this as both a validation of our company’s realization of a big idea and an opportunity to take this big idea onto a bigger stage. We’re very excited about next steps with Cisco, the Security Business Unit and the Stealthwatch Product Team.

Appreciating the success of the moment is our practice and there are several groups for us to appreciate now.  At the top of this list are our employees, all of whom we are happy to say Cisco is inviting to continue with us into a bigger future.  To all of you, be assured that we recognize your past and continuing contributions and, we hope, you already know that.  To our customers, we say the obvious “Thank you for believing in our service, for providing essential feedback, and for paying those early invoices!  We will continue to welcome your input just like a startup for as long as you trust us with your security.”  To our investors, board members, and advisors, we’d like you to know that we have truly appreciated your belief in our vision, your support for our way of realizing it, and your tolerance when it took a little longer than “plan.”

Finally, we want to appreciate contributions from other critical groups – the St. Louis startup community (Arch Grants!), our friends with their valuable, free advice, and our families with their understanding and patience. It’s been nearly four years since we raised our first institutional money and started trying to figure out what it means to build a technology company and all of you have been part of the entire journey.  THANK YOU!

Bryan and Patrick

Read the Cisco Announcement Here

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