Our Open Source VPC Flow Logs Tool Version 1.0

Since the 0.1 release we've added a number of features, and are blessing the latest version as 1.0.

Amazon introduced VPC Flow Logs last June, which have become an important source of network data for Observable. In August we released the first version of our command line tool and Python library for working with VPC Flow Logs, flowlogs-reader. Since the 0.1 release we've added a number of features, and are blessing the latest version as 1.0.

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Introducing kinesis-logs-reader

Learn more about kinesis-logs-reader, which was introduced last week at Seattle AWS User Group.

This blog post introduces kinesis-logs-reader, an open-source Python library and command line tool for working with large volumes of Amazon VPC Flow Logs (and other Cloud Watch Logs data) using Kinesis. We gave a live demo of the new tool to the group of Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers at the SURF Incubator last week.

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Ovum Report: How Endpoint Modeling Enhances Traditional Threat Detection

A closer look at why Ovum Consulting recommends putting endpoint modeling on your radar.

200 days is a long time for threats to remain undetected within your network. Find out why Ovum recommends endpoint modeling as a cost-effective enhancement to your current threat detection strategy, as a means to decrease the time it takes to detect threats.

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Why Our Partnership with Options Is Good News for Financial Services

Details on Observable’s recent partnership with Options.

A new partnership between Observable Networks and Options promises to deliver more modern security capabilities and improved services to financial services companies. Find out why our combined strengths will provide better protection to financial organizations.

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5 Flawed IT Security Tools Still Widely Used in 2016

It’s 2016 and 5 of the most commonly used IT security tools have significant flaws that are leaving companies unprotected. How will those gaps be filled?

Every year, we see the same familiar components of the conventional security stack aimed at safeguarding IT systems and data. But it’s becoming clear that these tools are falling behind when it comes to protecting against data breaches. Is 2016 when we start to see real change? We take a look at the gaps, and what can help fill them.

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VPC Flow Log Architecture

A closer look at the process related to using VPC Flow Logs for passive monitoring of network traffic in Amazon Web Services virtual private clouds, including a focus on the underlying architecture.

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Dynamic Endpoint Modeling Now Listed in the AWS Marketplace

Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution is now officially part of the AWS Marketplace. Learn more about this exciting new development.

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Amazon Web Services Demos Observable’s Dynamic Endpoint Modeling at re:Invent 2015

AWS recently featured Observable Networks and our Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution in a presentation on using VPC flow logs to monitor endpoint behaviors. Learn more and view the presentation from AWS re:Invent now.

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Observable Launches AWS Network Monitoring

Observable’s Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution can now use VPC Flow Logs to effectively monitor network activity across virtual servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Agents versus VPC Flow Logs for network security monitoring

Observable Networks looks at the inadequacies of an agent based approach to monitoring cloud based servers, and how VPC flow logs can help.

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