Ransomware Attacks on the Rise Targeting Hospitals and Federal Agencies

Don’t let your data be held ransom

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, targeting corporate networks, hospitals and now federal agencies. Find out how serious the threat is, and what you can do to protect your organization.

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5 Reasons Why Securing Your Web Applications Should Be a Top Priority

Is your company ignoring these threats?

Company websites and web applications represent one of the most significant vulnerabilities to attack. Yet they are one of the most common areas companies overlook. Learn the five reasons why web applications are overlooked as risks.

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What Does it Take to Keep the Nation’s Top Hacker Out of Your Network?

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is exactly the solution the NSA recommends to thwart hackers.

In a recent presentation, the National Security Agency’s top hacker outlined a number of best practices for keeping his team – or anyone else – out of your network. Most critical: a solution that can provide complete visibility into network traffic and provide real-time alerts in response to any anomalies. A solution just like Dynamic Endpoint Modeling.

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A New Ovum Report Recommends Dynamic Endpoint Modeling

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling gets a gold star from analyst firm Ovum.

Ovum, a trusted IT analyst, recently published a report that details the many compelling reasons why any organization should consider Dynamic Endpoint Modeling as an additional security component. This article offers highlights and lets you download the report itself.

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Is Anyone Safe? Teen Hacks Top U.S. Intelligence Agencies.

Phishing, password guessing, and other attacks are now affecting top businesses and government offices – apparently no one is safe.

A known hacker has now accessed phone records and other digital data to potentially track James Clapper, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence. This article takes a closer look at exactly what happened.

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Endpoint Modeling Helps Veterans United Home Loans Safeguard Sensitive Customer Data

Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution gave Veterans United a better way to monitor network security – and security peace of mind.

A new case study shows how Veterans United Home Loans deployed Dynamic Endpoint Modeling to improve security and protect confidential information. This blog takes a closer look and provides download instructions to access the full case study.

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Where Will the Top 2016 Security Vulnerabilities Come From?

What will be the next big IT security threat? While we can't predict that with certainty, we can predict where your network might be vulnerable this year.

Wondering what’s in store for the security industry in 2016? Find out why we believe more vulnerabilities will be showing up in software products this year, including the very products designed to protect us from those threats.

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5 Flawed IT Security Tools Still Widely Used in 2016

It’s 2016 and 5 of the most commonly used IT security tools have significant flaws that are leaving companies unprotected. How will those gaps be filled?

Every year, we see the same familiar components of the conventional security stack aimed at safeguarding IT systems and data. But it’s becoming clear that these tools are falling behind when it comes to protecting against data breaches. Is 2016 when we start to see real change? We take a look at the gaps, and what can help fill them.

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Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Webinar: “Endpoint Modeling: A Critical New Component in Network Security”

Register now for our webinar recording, “Endpoint Modeling: A Critical New Component in Network Security.” Featuring Ichthys IT services, this webinar provides real-world insight into endpoint modeling and how this technology can identify and defeat advanced threats.

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Don’t Miss Us at One of Two Upcoming IANS Information Security Forums

Observable Networks will be presenting at two different IANS Information Security Forums this fall; Atlanta and Los Angeles. We are excited to meet you at one of these upcoming events.

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