Cybersecurity With Suspicion: Scoping Out Insider Threats

To combat insider threats, customers of Amazon Web Service, Azure and the other public cloud vendors need cybersecurity that autonomously recognizes unusual behavior.

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Must-Have Security Tools and the Risks You Need to Know: Part 1

A closer look at ways common security tools could leave your network vulnerable.

The must-have security tools come with must-know security risks, and here we take the time to understand what those risks are and how to address them. In this two-part blog series, we’ll help you understand how you can be better prepared to maintain essential tools.

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Man in the Middle: Smart Security Decision or Vulnerable Approach?

Should you exert more effort to monitor your network after investing in technology to monitor your network?

You invest heavily in technology designed to encrypt data and protect your network. Yet some security solutions require you to decrypt data, or “man in the middle” yourself, at critical transfer points, adding complexity to your infrastructure and leaving you with new vulnerabilities despite your investment. Find out why these third-party solutions are a bad investment compared to endpoint modeling.

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Financial Services Companies Seek to Add Security Even as Posture Improves

A new case study highlights how a financial services company partnered with Observable Networks to drastically improve security.

Today, the financial markets are a favorite target for cyber attackers. From banks to credit card companies, stock brokerages to insurance companies, financial services organizations must do all they can to improve network security. See how Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is the answer.

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How to Better Identify Threats Within Your Public Cloud Network

Can you decipher endpoint activity on your cloud network?

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling helps you see, and understand, how devices are interacting with your public cloud infrastructure.

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Security in the Cloud – Responding to AWS Threats in Real Time

A use case example shows just how endpoint modeling improves security in AWS environments or public clouds.

In part two of our series on security in the cloud, we provide an example of how adding endpoint modeling to a company’s cloud security strategy enables an IT professional to improve security in an AWS cloud and respond to threats in real time. 

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“Payload Detonators”: Understanding Security Sandbox Risks

Endpoint modeling represents a less explosive alternative.

When in doubt, blow it up? That seems to be the latest theory in data encryption as network security sandboxes, or “payload detonators,” are growing in popularity as one way to expose potential malware in network traffic. However, do security professionals understand the dependencies inherent to these devices? Are the extra complications worth it?

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Securing Your Data in the Cloud – Are You Ready for the Challenge?

The first in a two-part series on the security challenges that the cloud poses for your cloud assets, and how you can use Observable solutions to meet them.

The worldwide migration of IT resources to the cloud continues at a rapid pace, but the effort to secure all of those cloud-resident services, applications, and data lags behind. In this first of a two-part series, we look at the unique challenges that make security within a cloud difficult, and point to some promising new solutions. 

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AFGE Gains Complete Visibility into Public Cloud Traffic with Observable Networks

See Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution helped AFGE monitor network traffic in the cloud and improve overall security.

A new case study shows how the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) took advantage of Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution to extend traditional network security into the public cloud networks. Learn more or download the full case study.

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Strengthening the Defense Against Ransomware Attacks

Our second article in our two-part series on this growing threat.

Ransomware attacks pose unique challenges to businesses and security vendors. A collaboration between Observable and its customers has resulted in new tools to ward off the hostage-takers.

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