“Payload Detonators”: Understanding Security Sandbox Risks

Endpoint modeling represents a less explosive alternative.

When in doubt, blow it up? That seems to be the latest theory in data encryption as network security sandboxes, or “payload detonators,” are growing in popularity as one way to expose potential malware in network traffic. However, do security professionals understand the dependencies inherent to these devices? Are the extra complications worth it?

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Securing Your Data in the Cloud – Are You Ready for the Challenge?

The first in a two-part series on the security challenges that the cloud poses for your cloud assets, and how you can use Observable solutions to meet them.

The worldwide migration of IT resources to the cloud continues at a rapid pace, but the effort to secure all of those cloud-resident services, applications, and data lags behind. In this first of a two-part series, we look at the unique challenges that make security within a cloud difficult, and point to some promising new solutions. 

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Practice Makes Protection: “Hacking” Yourself into Better Security

Valuable resources to learn more about the “hack yourself” movement – critical for improving security.

Cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians. White hats versus black hats. The games we played as kids are not unlike the work we do as IT professionals fending off cyber criminals. And while security is serious business, “hack yourself” programs harken back to these youthful adventures with simulated exercises designed to strengthen skills and defenses.

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Automated Observable Setup for AWS Users

Automatically provision your AWS accounts with a new tool

Learn how easy it can be to set up Observable monitoring for an AWS account. Learn the steps here.

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Piecing Together the “Big Hack”

What would it take to debilitate a major American city?

A fictional account of a coordinated cyberattack, no matter how dramatic, is still fictional. But the smaller attacks that could make up a larger one are grounded in reality, and deserve close attention. 

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