Five Steps You Can Take to Reduce a Hackers’ Advantage

Thinking like a hacker may help you prevent a future attack.

Sometimes in order to beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. That’s the secret behind continuous security validation, an emerging trend among security organizations that are susceptible to high-profile breaches. Learn the five steps to taking advantage away from the hackers and reducing your risk proactively.

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Ransomware Meets Remote Server Tracking and Sentinel Files

Enterprising administrators came up with the idea of putting "canary" or "sentinel" files out on their shared drives.

For organizations ransomware isn't just a particularly annoying type of malware. It's somewhat inconvenient when a user loses access to the files on an infected drive, but it's unspeakably horrible when all users lose access to the files on a network share. Some enterprising administrators came up with the idea of putting "canary" or "sentinel" files out on their shared drives. These are files that normal users would have no reason to access and whose contents are known to a monitoring system.

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A Closer Look at the Recently Exposed Mitsubishi Outlander Hack

A white hat hacker identifies another security flaw in automotive design.

Did you recently purchase a new vehicle? Is it wirelessly networked? If so you need to be paying attention as criminals are now targeting networked automobiles. Find out how, and why the Mitsubishi Outlander is the latest car to have a vulnerability exposed.

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