What Is Endpoint Modeling, and Why Does it Matter to You?

Today, endpoint modeling represents a profoundly new way of increasing network security. But if you're still not sure what endpoint modeling is, we thought we'd give a brief overview of the technology – and the benefits it can provide.

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Why Do We Need a New Way to Look at Security?

Three Technology Trends that May Increase Your Vulnerability

Do we really need a new way to look at network security? The answer is a resounding "yes." As evidenced by the recent Sony hack, security problems are getting worse, not better, and both the frequency and severity of the incidents are increasing.

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Early Malware Warnings

Network traffic can reveal the subtle indicators of new types of malware. In recent days, we've seen evidence of a new exploit of iOS devices. With passive traffic sensors and dynamic endpoint modeling, we are identifying the presence of malware by detecting domain generation algorithms (DGAs) and analyzing device-level traffic profiles.

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