AFGE Gains Complete Visibility into Public Cloud Traffic with Observable Networks

See Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution helped AFGE monitor network traffic in the cloud and improve overall security.

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is responsible for protecting confidential data for its 670,000 members working in the public sector, nationwide and overseas. AFGE must protect members’ private data, which includes personally identifiable information (PII) such as HR and payroll data, social security numbers, and other sensitive information like federal officers’ home addresses. With such a responsibility, network security is critical.

Traditional network security tools and approaches have always played an important role in monitoring internal networks. But as more and more companies turn to public cloud networks, they need new security tools to monitor network traffic in these public cloud infrastructures. Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution helped AFGE gain complete visibility into its public cloud networks, a critical step in improving overall security.

A Comprehensive Security Solution

To achieve its security goals, AFGE recently deployed Observable Networks’Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution. This advanced threat detection service identifies compromised network devices, even those that may escape detection from traditional network security tools. This way, if a device starts acting abnormally, Observable notifies AFGE so staff members can quickly take action to identify and remediate potential network threats.

Dynamic Endpoint Modeling gives us visibility into our entire network, even cloud-based traffic in our public cloud infrastructure. This helps us identify anomalous behavior and evaluate potential threats quickly. Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is the only solution that gives us this complete peace of mind.

Taylor Higley,
Director of Information Security, AFGE

For AFGE, the most important benefit came from Dynamic Endpoint Modeling’s ability to monitor network activity in the public cloud. Observable makes it possible for AFGE to “see” all IP traffic
in its cloud networks at a glance. This is critical to extend traditional network security into public cloud networks, an area that most traditional security tools can’t address.

Being able to monitor our public cloud network traffic is a huge improvement,” said Taylor Higley, director of information security at AFGE. “Now we have complete visibility into all of our networks, so we know what is ‘normal’ traffic and what is not, even if it’s in the cloud. No other security vendors or tools could provide this functionality. Dynamic Endpoint Modeling is the only solution that gives us this complete peace of mind.

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