A New Way to Look at Observable Networks

A New Way to Look at Observable Networks

by Patrick Crowley, Founder & CTO

Several years ago, my team and I set out to explore a new way to look at network security. We felt a new way was needed because some important and irrefutable trends -- the rising use of end-to-end encryption, the proliferation of connected devices, and the remaking of the IT world in the cloud -- were rendering much of traditional security obsolete. Endpoint modeling was our new idea: use cloud-native automation to model and evaluate the behavior of every entity on the network in near-real time, and rely on that automation to sound the alarm or take action when needed. Each member of the team understood the harsh realities awaiting a brand new security company, but we set out into the world with an optimism fueled by belief in our technological approach. In relatively short order, our fast-growing business validated that we were on to something important.

This morning revealed another kind of validation: Cisco announced their intention to acquire Observable Networks

This combination is a terrific win for customers, team members, and investors, alike. Personally, and somewhat selfishly, I am most excited about our prospects for growth and integration as part of Cisco. Our cloud-native service has punched above its weight for a couple of years now, despite the go-to-market challenges that all small startups face. I am thrilled at what we will achieve as part of the dynamic, large, and fast-growing Cisco Security Business Group.

We know our customers love our service (96.5% of Q2 Observable alerts were closed by customers as “Helpful”), and I hope that our customers and partners hear me when I say: we’re just getting started!

Read the Cisco Announcement Here