Malware Targets the Electric Grid

Sophisticated malware that has proven its ability to interfere with power systems could be coming to an electric grid near you.

Not only is there a lot of malware present in the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that manage crucial infrastructure. Now, security researchers have identified specific strains that are tightly focused on interfering with electrical grids, and may be usable in many environments. 

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Mind the Gap (in Cybersecurity Talent)

The growing shortage of cybersecurity talent puts IT assets and data at risk.

As cyberattacks increase in number and complexity, the IT and security professionals who are holding the fort can be stretched very thin. One way to help: automating tasks that are better done by technology.

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A New Way to Look at Observable Networks

Several years ago, my team and I set out to explore a new way to look at network security. We felt a new way was needed because some important and irrefutable trends -- the rising use of end-to-end encryption, the proliferation of connected devices, and the remaking of the IT world in the cloud -- were rendering much of traditional security obsolete...

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Cisco Today Announces Intention to Acquire Observable Networks

Today, Cisco announced their intention to acquire Observable Networks.  We view this as both a validation of our company’s realization of a big idea and an opportunity to take this big idea onto a bigger stage. We’re very excited about next steps with Cisco, the Security Business Unit and the Stealthwatch Product Team...

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Monitoring – and Securing – Serverless Computing Architectures

Learn more about serverless architectures, and how to secure them with a new whitepaper.

Increasing demand for serverless architectures, such as Amazon Web Services Lambda, poses a new security threat because traditional tools are not equipped to monitor these functions. This article – and a new whitepaper – shows you how you can overcome these vulnerabilities. 

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More Details on the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Additional details on the WannaCry attack

We recently wrote a technical blog that showed how users could detect the WannaCry malware using Observable’s security service. Here, we take a closer look at some additional details, including what happened, why, and additional suggestions for preventing similar attacks.

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Notes on the WannaCry Ransomware Outbreak

This post discusses the detection of the WannaCry malware and how the Observable service could detect the kind of threat it presents.

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The Lessons of the Intel AMT Vulnerability Announcement

The recent Intel AMT vulnerability announcement illustrates an important reason why you should monitor at the network level instead of at the device level.

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Time to Pay Attention to ICS

A backlog of malware within ICS (industrial control systems) environments poses a threat to critical infrastructure that could have dire consequences.

The ICS systems that manage crucial infrastructure such as energy, power, water, and transportation are likely to be hosting malware, according to new research. As these systems are increasingly connected to private and public networks, they become more tempting targets for those who wish to do harm. 

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Infographic: "Five Types of Modeling Necessary to Protect Your Data"

A new infographic shows how endpoint modeling improves cloud-based security.

Download our latest infographic to see why you need analytics-driven detection capabilities for true security in the cloud.

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