Learn Why Endpoint Modeling is The Perfect Complement to ArcSight®

Many organizations report that they have a hard time achieving all the security benefits they expected when implementing ArcSight or other SIEMs because they rely on log file data that may only provide “after-the-fact” information on anomalous incidents.

Get More from Your ArcSight Deployment 

Observable Networks’ Dynamic Endpoint Modeling solution can deliver real-time alerts derived from network activity directly within ArcSight. Armed with this “spotlight information,” SIEM operators can issue more focused queries and benefit from faster event understanding and recognition.

Download this whitepaper, ArcSight® and Endpoint Modeling The Perfect Security Approach to learn how Dynamic Endpoint Modeling offers ArcSight users a better way to overcome security challenges by 

  • Offering real-time “look here” indicators that help ArcSight users quickly zero in on any suspicious activity.
  • Watching traffic inside the network as well as traffic traversing the perimeter, so you aren’t blind to the network behind the firewall.

Download this free whitepaper to learn more.

The time has come for a new approach to network security, one that complements ArcSight and overcomes flaws inherent in SIEMs. Endpoint modeling is exactly that approach

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