Real-time behavior monitoring for faster threat detection.

Next-gen defense against insider threats by detecting anomalies faster, at a lower cost, with fewer personnel.

Monitor the activity of cloud assets and quickly detect threats automatically.

Endpoint Modeling detects security threats faster with fewer personnel.

Scalable deployments with no specialized hardware, additional tools, or agents.

Monitor the activity of cloud assets and quickly detect threats automatically.

Endpoint Modeling detects security threats faster with fewer personnel.

Scalable deployments with no specialized hardware, additional tools, or agents.

Cisco Announces Intention to Acquire Observable Networks

Cisco announced their intention to acquire Observable Networks.  We view this as both a validation of our company’s realization of a big idea and an opportunity to bring it onto a bigger stage. We’re very excited about next steps with Cisco, the Security Business Unit and the Stealthwatch Product Team.   Read the Full Blog Here

Observable Networks is changing how organizations look at cloud security.

Go beyond IAM and policy management. Start protecting your public cloud infrastructure with endpoint modeling to identify insider and external threats faster.

Agile security for any cloud platform, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Cloud.

Use VPC Flow Logs, CloudTrail data, Kinesis Analytics to monitor AWS environments in real time.

With no agents to install, we offer pricing and configuration that scales with your AWS environment.

Configurable real-time alerts highlight vulnerabilities in so you can remediate threats even faster than other security solutions.

The Observable Advantage

The following videos feature our founder, Patrick Crowley, showing how endpoint modeling strengthens security more effectively than traditional solutions.

Behavior Modeling: Reducing False-Positive Alerts for On-Premises and Cloud Environments

Learn how Endpoint Modeling makes it possible to minimize false positives and increase the accuracy of security alerts at a lower cost with fewer personnel. Endpoint modeling produces insightful alerts and incidents that are far more effective for identifying what to investigate further. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

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What Observable Customers Are Saying

“We had been looking for a solution to complement our approach to security with a means to protect from unknown threats. Observable Networks fills that gap. Their support is second to none, the product is constantly evolving and it’s almost entirely hands off. The insight it provides on network traffic is invaluable. In the current threat landscape products like Observable Networks are as much a necessity as malware protection and firewalls.”

Olger Diekstra, IT Manager, Gotcha! The Kids Photographers, Australia

“We were looking for a better way to monitor our network security. Observable gives us much better visibility into all of the devices in our VPC and their network activity. If one ever behaves in an suspicious or abnormal fashion, we can take fast action to resolve possible issues.”

Taylor Higley, Director, American Federation of Government Employees

“As soon as we saw Observable Enterprise, we were convinced that it would be a perfect complement to our current portfolio of security solutions. I can’t imagine a single company that couldn’t benefit from Observable Networks’ Observable Enterprise solution.”

Randy Raw, Director of Information Security, Veterans United Home Loans

“Observable Networks has been great to work with. Their endpoint modeling service is the type of next generation security that companies need to catch next generation threats.”

Steve E. Kokkotos, Partner and CTO, Dynamic Ideas

“Observable Networks endpoint modeling is an important addition to our security practice. Their service-based security capability provides easy to consume insight related to our network endpoints at a very attractive rate.”

Ken Hipple, Mississippi Dept. of Agriculture & Commerce

“What we have discovered is that because Observable Enterprise is independent of devices or platforms, that it truly fits any environment. What makes Observable Enterprise “better” is that it is simple to use, easy to manage, low cost, platform and device independent, and does not require any management or agent software install.”

Thom Florini, Systems Engineer, Ichthys IT Services

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