Observable offers Network Security-as-a-Service providing automated security analytics and modeling to continuously analyze the behavior of all network devices.

We provide a new advantage over adversaries - a continuous, unobstructed view of the behavior of all devices on the network

Threats are Changing

Threats are Changing

  • An effect of privacy is increased vulnerability.
  • Growing and diverse network assets are invisible.
  • The most successful attacks involve low tech.
  • You’re solving the wrong problem and can’t keep up.
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Improve Your Defenses

Improve Your Defenses

  • Don’t assume you can recognize the threat.
  • Perimeter based prevention has exploitable weaknesses.
  • Monitoring network events presents an incomplete picture.
  • The threat landscape shifts faster than your defenses.
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We empower companies to understand normal and abnormal behaviors - quickly identifying compromised and misused devices

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  • We Are a Service

    Cost-effective Software-as-a-Service subscription
    No specialized hardware to purchase
    No software agents to deploy
    No expertise required

  • We Watch Everything

    Managed, unmanaged, and embedded devices
    Inside, outside, and across network perimeters
    See the things you have been missing
    Detect things faster

  • We Are Focused on Behavior

    Know what to expect and understand normal
    Continuous dynamic intelligence
    Immune to encrypted traffic
    Quickly detect the abnormal

4 quick steps to automated security analytics and modeling

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Download the virtual appliance



Install on a standard physical or virtual server



Connect the appliance to the network



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